Why false negative pregnancy test Happen ?

false negative pregnancy test, have you ever done pregnancy test? are you aware pregnancy test also tends to false negative, have you ever tested and found you are not pregnant and when you found doctor, and doctor said you are pregnant.

This is what we call false negative pregnancy test but actually it would not happen if you do it correctly, it actually happen when you take  At-home pregnancy test and it very rare hospital or clinic pregnancy test give you a false negative test result due it technology.

What is false negative pregnancy test ?

It’s means the pregnancy test give you a wrong result and in fact you are actually pregnant but pregnancy test tell you, you are not pregnant, and this mess up can you a big problem because you would not to be ready to carry child at early stage.

Actually you can avoid this misunderstanding by follow all below step.

Causes of false negative result

  1. you are taking pregnancy test too early.

One of the main cause why you got false negative answer is you testing to early because actually Pregnancy test unable  to detect HCG in your urine if you taking pregnancy test to early,

What is HCG?

Regarding to MedicinePlus, HCM or human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone that produce your body in your pregnancy.  It produce by embryo after after implantation.

And what you need to do to avoid this?

It base on when did your last period begin and your average cycle length. Here is a good tool to you to check this, When to do Pregnancy test Tool.
Here a example to you how to calculate suitable time to use pregnancy test or use this tool.

transcript from video start

1.please put your last period begin
2.please put your cycle period length

it will give result right away

thanks for watching


transcript from video end

By using this tool will get estimate time to use pregnancy test and can avoid false negative result.

2.You do not follow Pregnancy test Instruction.

Please do note, to avoid this problem you have to follow all instruction from pregnancy tester.

you have to give pregnancy tester time to show the result, if you do not it will tend show that you are not pregnant.

false negative pregnant test

picture above shown standard instruction that you have to follow to prevent or to avoid false negative result. Please do not check your pregnancy test result too soon.

please be noted, not all pregnancy have same instruction.

3. Using expired Pregnancy test

do you know pregnancy test also got it expired date and please do check you pregnancy tester expired date to avoid.

Before you buy it please make sure it have not passed the expired date, it would not work properly if it already passed the expired date.

4. you do not take test at morning

Please be noted, actually urine has high concentrated of HCG at morning, and you are advised to do test at early morning to more accurate result.


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